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High Point Tree Service - We Love Trees!

High Point Tree Service is a family owned and operated business working throughout the Macarthur area, South West of Sydney.

Since 2008 we have been offering residents from Sydney to the Illawarra and Southern Highlands a comprehensive range of tree removal and maintenance services.

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Our Commitment to Safety

For your peace of mind, all procedures and equipment used by High Point Tree Service conform to Australia’s OH&S standards as well as MSDS and SWMS policies.

High Point Tree Services

Tree Removal

Safe and Reliable Tree Removal

Whatever the size of tree or difficulty of site, High Point Tree Service has the capability to carefully remove trees and dispose of all tree debris.

We have an experienced and certified crane operator as well as all the necessary machinery and equipment to safely and effectively remove a tree, while avoiding any nearby hazards including property, sheds, greenhouses, overhead wires, flowerbeds, lawns.

We leave the site clean and tidy with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Qualified Arborist Services

Selective Tree Pruning

Mature Tree Management by Qualified Tree Specialists

The benefits of mature tree management and preventative cutting are often overlooked by those who wish to improve the health, integrity and appearance of their trees.

High Point Tree Service has the latest in tree service aerial equipment as well as the skill to hand climb trees if machinery can’t access the work area.

Our tree management procedures aim for long term integrity. They include:

  • Re-trenchment where the outer large dead wood is removed from the tree
  • Bracing and propping old heavy limbs to prevent pruning to maintain their form.
  • Phased reduction where the wood of a tree is reduced over several years to minimise stress.

Stump Grinding

Fast and Professional Stump Removal

High Point Tree Services offer the most effective method of stump removal with the use of our state of the art machinery. Our “stump grinding’ machines allow us to accurately, and with little impact, safely remove the stump by grinding it away.

You will be surprised where our machinery can access and what it can deal with. Our portable stump grinder protects your lawn and existing garden and can be manoeuvered through an opening as little as 750mm wide.

After grinding, wood residue can be backfilled into the hole or all waste can be removed from the site.

Let us grind those stumps to a suitable depth to allow for:

  • Replanting new trees and plants.
  • Laying or seeding new lawn.
  • Cleared space for landscaping or building works.

Arborist Reports & Council Applications

Specialist Tree Surgeon Arborist Reports

The arborists at High Point Tree Service can consult with you about any construction, development, preservation or risk surrounding your trees.

We can liaise with local authorities and business owners. We can provide you with comprehensive tree reports and can help you with various council applications.

  • Download the treeworks application from your local council.
  • Contact Simon for a consultation

Hazzard Tree Assessments & Removal

Experts in Safe Tree Hazard Removal

As trees age or develop ill health they often need to be assessed as a hazard. They may become potentially dangerous to people or nearby property, their root growth may be causing structural damage to structures, or they may have simply become too large for the site. High Point Tree Service are experts at hazardous tree assessments and removal.

We have the experience to identify potentially hazardous trees and branches and to remove large and fallen trees in difficult to get to locations. We can also treat trees that can be saved. Our procedures include:

  • Download the treeworks application from your local council.
  • Contact Simon for a consultation


Great Mulch for the Environment

All the waste created through our tree removal and pruning is processed through our wood chippers. This creates a waste product that can be recycled either as wood chip or mulch which can be spread on flower beds.

Because of the benefits that mulch can bring to your garden and especially around the base of trees, we encourage our clientele to consider paying an hourly rate for our team to prepare mulch from the clean green waste of the job. We will leave this in a designated spot or one that is convenient to you.

  • large scale site clearance for building purposes
  • general vegetation clearance.