About Us

Your Garden Deserves Expert Tree Services From a Fully Qualified Arborist

A NSW certified arborist, Simon Tabone loves improving the health and appearance of trees and seeing the effect that this can have. Not only on the look of your garden, but on the value of your home.

Professional tree care

If trees can be saved we have the skills. High Point Tree Service will identify and remove potentially dangerous limbs and branches, treat disease, and generally bring health back to your trees.

Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot save trees. When they become a hazard through growth pattern or disease, removal is often the only solution.

High Point Tree Service are experts in dealing with hazardous trees.

We have the capability to carefully and efficiently remove any tree from any location, disposing of all tree debris.

We clean up as if we were never there

Being ever mindful of leaving your property as we find it, we take care to trim or remove all trees and branches with minimal effect on the surrounding area.

We will efficiently dispose of all but the smallest amount of waste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are always here to help. You may find assistance in our FAQ list below. If you need to contact us directly please Contact Us.
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